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"Good Management can solve 90% of your problems
Bad Management can be 90% of your problems."


  • To establish a mutually beneficial long-term working relationship with clients that desire commitment from their professional service providers;

  • To provide accurate and timely information to enable our clients to meet their immediate and long-range duties and obligations;

  • To support our clients in every way possible to increase the value of the properties and, by extension, the lifestyle of the owners and residents, through good maintenance, green and improvement programs;

  • To provide knowledgeable staff who are both proactive to avoid ongoing problems and reactive to immediate needs; and

  • To provide our staff with suitable environment and advancement opportunities they desire



StGPM provides a comprehensive package of customized services to suit your situation.  The following pages address in more detail the aspects of each of these. These services will be defined in a Condominium Management Agreement, together with the following terms and conditions:

  • Supervision and Co-operation of the Board of the Client;

  • Appointed Liaison Officers;

  • Indemnification of the Parties;

  • Proof of Insurance;

  • Provision of Access to Units;

  • Authorization to carry out Unit Repairs, if required;

  • Provision of Plans and Specifications;

  • Appropriate Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses;

  • Termination upon sixty (60) days’ written notice; and

  • Provisions for Succession and/or Assignment.



The following value added services are available to our clients, albeit some at an additional fee:​

  • Shared Facilities

  • Administration Consulting

  • TARION Process

  • Project Consulting

  • Collection Services

  • Project Administration

  • Education Programs

  • Small Claims Representation

  • Information Sessions

  • Reserve Fund Studies

  • Information Packages

  • Unit Rentals

  • Directors’ Guides

  • Owners’/Residents’ Manuals

  • Investment Planning

  • Management Plans

  • Minute-taking

  • Green Initiatives

  • Chairing Meetings

  • Vacation/Sickness Coverage

  • Development Budgets

  • Lien Registrations

  • Expert Witness

  • Power of Sale

  • Administrator Services

  • Status Certificate Advance

  • Credit Card Services

  • Cost Controls

  • Web Design

  • Online Payment Services

  • Web Administration

  • 24 hour on Call Service

  • Client Portals

  • Remote Solutions

  • Digital Records

  • Paperless Solutions

StGPM is currently developing systems for utilizing Virtual Office and Meeting facilities

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